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White Swan Medical Uniforms

Among the most popular, affordable brands of quality medical apparel on the market, White Swan scrubs are trusted by countless institutions and medical professionals for their durability, reliability, and top notch selection of colors, patterns and sizes. Kristenís extensive White Swan collection includes their much-loved Fusion Group and Fundamentals scrubs, as well as a large selection of META labcoats in every length and style you could need!

Fundamentals by White Swan scrubs are ideal for everyday wear, with a comfortable 65/35 Polyester/Cotton blend that is designed for soil release and color retention. Light enough to keep you cool, and durable enough to handle repeated washes, White Swan Fundamentals scrubs are an economical choice that looks and feels far more expensive. Like all White Swan scrubs, they are also a top pick for petite and plus size women and men, with a broad range of sizes to meet everyoneís needs. While their fun prints and fashionable colors are what keep many medical professionals coming back for more, others are drawn to White Swan scrubs because thatís precisely what they arenít looking for! Whether your job requires all white scrubs, or you simply prefer them, White Swan offers some of the best.

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