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Embroidery Disclaimer

Please note: For the purposes of these terms, “own items” refers to any item intended for embroidery which is the property of a third party.

Kristen Uniforms takes great pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction, however embroidery is a mechanical process and there is a small chance of damage occurring to items being embroidered, although such occurrences are very rare. As a result, we can only accept own items for embroidery on the understanding that:

  • Kristen Uniforms is not liable for replacing or repairing any own items supplied by the client that are damaged during the embroidery process.
  • Kristen Uniforms reserves the right to refuse own items that we deem to be unsuitable for the embroidery process.
  • The client is responsible for ensuring their own items are free from any defects and flaws prior to delivery/drop-off.
  • Embroidery can be an imperfect process and in rare cases the impact of thread being embroidered from our machines can cause certain materials to pucker, bow, or wrinkle. Any requests for embroidery to be removed, re-done, or refunded will be decided on at Kristen Uniforms sole discretion.

    Please be assured that Kristen Uniforms will make every effort to ensure you are satisfied with your embroidery order.

    Sending and/or dropping off your own items for embroidery, or placing an order that includes embroidery, indicates acceptance of these terms in full.
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